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Bring comfort and satisfaction to your café's menu with our hearty range of savory pies and rolls, a sure-fire hit for lunch or any time of the day. Available in standard and cocktail sizes to suit various appetites, each item is a wholesome treat packed with flavour. Let your patrons delve into the rich textures of our Steak Pie, or enjoy the creamy delight of Chicken & Leek Pie. The Spinach & Feta Cheese Rolls offer a vegetarian delight that's bursting with flavor, while our Chorizo Roll brings a spicy, meaty satisfaction to the table. It's more than just a pie or a roll; it's a gastronomic adventure wrapped in a golden crust, ready to satiate hunger and delight the senses. Let each savory treat be a beacon of warmth and satisfaction, a promise of a meal done right, every time.

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